KCAN’s programs promote
prevention and intervention.

Kids Are Special 

Our exclusive Kids Are Special sexual abuse prevention program uses music, puppets and interaction to teach children ages three to seven about an appropriate response to inappropriate touch. We have contacted local schools and will be working with social work departments of local elementary schools to allow us to educate more children than ever before on this important subject. To make this happen, each Kids Are Special educator needs their own toolkit, which contains music, puppets and materials needed.

For every $100 donation, you will provide a toolkit for the Kids Are Special trainers. Thank you for your contributions and support in helping to educate local children about inappropriate touch.

Recognize & Report Training

This community focused training, equips any member of our community to recognize the physical as well as behavioral/emotional signs of child abuse & neglect. During this training we will also walk through how to report suspected abuse or neglect. This training exists to create informed advocates for children in Kalamazoo County!  


Mandated Reporter Training

The State of Michigan requires teachers, clergy, medical professionals, and others to report signs of child abuse and neglect. In order to uphold the law, those who work with children need to know the signs of child abuse and neglect and the procedures for reporting it. KCAN’s mandated reporter session helps them do just that.


Help Book: Family Support

Our Family Help Book helps families identify resources for support in times of need. These books are distributed free-of-charge to individuals upon request. Bulk pricing is available to social service agencies. Available in English and Spanish.

Community Advocacy

We work hard to advocate for the safety of children by promoting and sharing information about safe sleep methods, positive parenting, child protection initiatives and more. In addition, we also partner with local and state government officials to advocate for child safety policies.


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