Be a Lifesaver


Due to the events surrounding Covid-19, all of our April community fundraising events have been cancelled.  You will not see any Blue Ribbons flying in the tree on the Kalamazoo Mall nor will you see any volunteers with canisters and Lifesavers outside local businesses around Kalamazoo this month.  However, we are asking that you do not forget that this month is Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month.  We are asking that you remember that for our children, sometimes staying in could potentially be the most dangerous place for them.  So we would ask that as always, but now more than ever, if you see something while staying in, please say something, you could be a lifesaver.  

2020 Sponsors

Please consider a donation or sponsorship of one of our events so that we can continue providing our services to the community of Kalamazoo. These events are run by volunteers therefore your donations go towards our services.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their generous contributions.

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To Report Abuse or Neglect Call 855-444-3911