Promoting Healthy Childhoods

Preventing abuse is key to preserving the future.

To Report Abuse or Neglect Call 855-444-3911

Kalamazoo County has a crisis.

Every day in Kalamazoo County, an average 13 new cases of child abuse and neglect are reported. One fourth of those cases demand immediate intervention. Many more cases are never reported. Abuse has lasting impacts:

  • Nearly 80% of victims develop psychiatric disorders such as depression, eating disorders and PTSD.
  • Child abuse survivors are almost four times more likely to become drug addicts or alcoholics.
  • 36% of women and 14% of men in prison were abused as children.

Our Programs

Here at KCAN we believe knowledge is power in preventing future incidents of abuse.  That’s why education is our central focus.  We serve our community in four key ways.

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Be a part of the change.

Kalamazoo CAN leverages several amazing annual events to raise funds to support children in our community. You can take part in our events, and take a stand to support children.

Other Opportunities


Our resource library can help educate families, facility staff, advocates, and community members.